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We are a community-driven nonprofit organization working to revitalize the downtown Ozark, MO area. We use the proven Main Street 4-Point Approach to revitalization of organization, promotion, design, and economic vitality.


Ozark is a unique town nestled in the bend of the Finley River among the beautiful hills of southwest Missouri. Ozark's character has been layered through time with the history of the hard working people who gave their all to create a meaningful life and successful community.

The first accounts of the area are from 1818 when Henry R. Schoolcraft explored the area and discovered Smallin Cave. Shortly after that settlers made their way through the difficult terrain and settled here permanently. James Kimberling built a mill at the bend of the Finley River in 1833 and from there the community began to grow. In 1859 Ozark was chosen to be the county seat of the newly formed Christian County.

Through the years Ozark has witnessed many events and changes; a Civil War Skirmish on the banks of the Finley, the Baldknobbers on the Square, the days of the Frisco Railroad with the Chadwick Flyer, and difficult times during WWI and WWII. The community was resilient through the bad times and thriving through the good. This river and agricultural town continues to grow and build on that legacy. Community members and visitors alike can enjoy the history and ambiance while experiencing unique shopping, recreation, entertainment and dining experiences withIn the Historic River District of Ozark, Missouri.